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What is UV DTF?

Ultraviolet (UV) DTF Printing refers to a new printing method that uses ultraviolet curing technology to create designs on films. These designs can then be transferred onto hard and irregular-shaped objects and then peeling off the transfer film

Instructions for applying UV DTF wraps:

Use a squeegee or scraper and firmly scrape the front and back of the UV DTF print to make sure the print has adhered to the transfer film

Clean your blank substrate/ tumbler with isopropyl alcohol

Check to ensure the wrap fits your tumbler – trim excess if necessary

Visually divide the wrap into 3 sections, then peel off backing from the first section only and cut off the peeled backing

Position the wrap on your tumbler – please ensure you position it properly as the wrap cannot be moved/ removed once applied

Use a vinyl squeegee or scraper to scrape the first section to ensure all air bubbles are removed

Peel off backing from the second section and cut off the peeled backing. Gently push down on the wrap then scrape

Peel off backing from the third section and remove the backing completely. Gently push down on the wrap then scrape

Scrape the entire wrap again and once you are confident that all the air bubbles have been removed, gently peel off the transfer film

Care instructions:

Hand wash only, do not soak or put in the dishwasher

Let the UV DTF wrap cure for a minimum of 48 hours before using

Our UV DTF wraps have been designed to fit our glass can tumblers perfectly


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