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Welcome to MMP Events, where we specialize in creating memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. We are excited to unveil our latest offerings that will take your event to the next level – the Silent Disco Headphones and our iconic Boombox Booths.

Silent Disco Headphones: Dance to Your Own Beat

Experience the magic of our Silent Disco Headphones, now available for your events! These cutting-edge headphones come with three channels and three transmitters, allowing your guests to tune into their favorite music or DJ sets with ease. With the freedom to switch between channels, everyone can dance to their own beat, making it the ultimate party accessory.

Learn more about our Silent Disco Headphones here.

Boombox Booths: Old-School Charm with a Modern Twist

Step back in time with our Boombox Booths, a nostalgic yet trendy addition to any event. These larger-than-life replicas of classic boomboxes add a touch of retro flair while delivering high-quality sound. Paired with our Silent Disco Headphones, your event will be a visual and auditory spectacle that guests won’t forget.

Discover our Boombox Booths here.

Why Choose MMP Events?

Elevate your next event with MMP Events. Contact us today to book our Silent Disco Headphones, Boombox Booths, and more! Let’s create memories that last a lifetime.

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